2016 Department of Labor Overtime Rules Means Better Budgeting for Small Businesses

2016 Business Trends

Chris Rush says new department of labor overtime rules will mean budgeting for increased expenses

“Certainly, there are surprises every year, and one key issue small businesses may not be aware of is the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) proposed changes to overtime regulations. Once finalized, those changes could have a significant impact on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). At this early stage, it’s difficult for employers to fully prepare for implementation of the proposed rules. However, a good first step small employers can take now is to budget for increased overtime costs and/or salary increases in 2016.”
– Chris Rush, VP of strategy, ADP Small Business Services

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Assisted Living- Central / Northern MN

24 private rooms with large bathrooms. This Assisted Living has 100% occupancy. Opportunity includes 6 + acres real estate. Facility was built new in 2007 and additional rooms were added in 2012.
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Motel- SW Minnesota #10520

Price: $275,000
16 unit independent motel located near interstate highway. Well maintained. Owners living quarters onsite. Current owners have owned it for 20 years. Revenue ranges up to $160,000 with annual expenses around $25,000.
Call: 612-467-9673