PPC Marketing and Targeted Ads Important for Small Business in 2016

Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Targeted Ads Important for Small Business in 2016

Larry Kim, founder and CTO, WordStream believes: “Re-marketing works, and here’s why: Contrary to popular belief, conversion rates actually increase the more users see an ad within re-marketing campaigns. That’s because these are people who have already been exposed to and engaged with your brand. It’s true that click-through rates decline over time, but those people who do click on your ad, after having seen it a few times already, become twice as likely to convert. Period. Not to mention that re-marketing is incredibly powerful for brand building.”

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Metal Manufacturing

Price: $5,500,000 for business; Includes Assets, Real Estate and equipment valued at $4,750,000+
Northeast Metro machining up to 60″. 24,000 sq ft building. $2,750,000 revenue projected for 2015. Milling, turning and swiss capability.
Experienced team with diversified customer base. Seller willing to offer financing options to qualified buyer.

Call for updated business listings: 612-467-9673