Same-Day Delivery and Cross-Border Selling Will Expand in 2016

2016 Business Trends

The experts are saying that Same-Day Delivery and Cross-Border Selling Will Expand in 2016. Here is what Amine Khechfé, co-founder and general manager, Endicia has to say:

“Many companies are entering the fold to compete for that last segment of a shipping route: local delivery, with the added advantage of offering same-day service. In 2016, small businesses should keep an eye out for new shipping technologies and services that will save time and money while offering a great customer experience, as well as opening up their goods and services to new markets.”
Amine Khechfé, co-founder and general manager, Endicia

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Trucking & Transportation Opportunities

We are actively working in the National Trucking and Freight Brokerage industry. Are you looking to sell your trucking company? Are you looking to buy and/or expand your trucking company? We are looking for buyers and sellers of trucking companies from all facets of the industry and from all geographic corners of the USA. Courier, NFO, Truck Load, LTL, Long Haul, regional, flatbed, and intermodal.

Here is a sample:

Bulk Food Grade Trucking

Business and Real Estate For Sale
$3,200,000 Price
SBA is willing to finance this deal with 10-15% down!
Milk and Dairy products make up 75% of business. Many long term customers. More business than they can handle! 2+ acre facility with Wash bays, repair bays, office space and more. $700,000 adjusted net. Real Estate included and all equipment.
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